Jelena Damjanovic, University of Toronto, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education

(Communications Specialist)


Heather has been freelancing for U of T’s Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education for the last couple of years and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. She is an excellent writer, requiring minimal guidance to understand the intent of a written assignment. Her writing style is clear, succinct and engaging. On top of that, Heather is extremely dependable, always delivering stories by their deadlines. Her pleasant personality makes her a delight to work with and we are fortunate to have her help us tell stories about KPE.


Filza Naveed, Xello

(Content Marketing Manager)


Heather is a joy to work with! She goes out of her way to ensure she understands your company’s product and delivers top-notch content that’s always on time and barely needs any edits. She’s my go-to writer whenever I have a particularly difficult subject matter that I need an expert writer to tackle. She has not only contributed numerous blogs to help build Xello’s blog architecture but has also interviewed many Xello clients as well to produce exceptional case studies, positioning Xello as a top career planning tool in the market. She’s always willing to take on more assignments, even if they’re given to her at short notice and still delivers on time. Her customer service skills are remarkable, and she really makes my job easier. Good writers are hard to find but exceptional writers are even harder to come by. Heather definitely fits into the latter category — I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a skillful storyteller who works hard, does her research and can always be relied upon.


Suzanne Barnecut, Zendesk

(Content Marketing)


When Heather’s website and portfolio crossed my path, I was immediately impressed by her professionalism and past work. That was more than two years ago; since then Heather has written customer case studies and has become a frequent contributor to our Zendesk Relate online magazine. Anytime I assign an article or leadership profile to Heather, I know that she’ll deliver exactly what I’m looking for. Heather’s work is elegant and polished, and she meets deadlines with a ferocity. She’s also just a delightful person to correspond and collaborate with, and I’m grateful for her contributions. She makes my job easy.

Tracie LeBlanc, Strategic communicator and crisis manager


Heather is an honorary member of our Communications team – she writes the bulk of our feature stories for our blog and newsletters and also contributes to our annual report. She is creative, fast and does an excellent job of aligning with our agency’s brand voice and tone. Heather delivers compelling writing based on our briefs and is very professional to work with. In the fast-paced non-profit world, it is such a relief to be able to rely on Heather for our content needs.

Toronto Star Story Behind the Story

Video: Toronto Star “Story behind the story”


“The Star’s New in Homes & Condos editor Jane Van Der Voort works with freelance writers a lot. When a story idea comes in, like the one on a Beaches family home renovation, the results can exceed expectations.” [Click image at left to view video.]

Nancy Costa, Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.

( National Account Executive )

Heather is a pleasure to work with. Her writing is creative, fresh and engaging. She was able to assist us even with a very tight deadline. Her commitment to meeting deadlines and her ongoing communication to keep us apprised of status was much appreciated. I would recommend Heather and would certainly work with her on future projects.


Alexandra Ungureanu, Sonic Boom Creative Media

( Vice President )

I had the pleasure of working with Heather as she freelanced for us at Sonic Boom. Heather’s writing is top notch, she quickly understands the tone and needs of each brand, comes back consistently with great work, takes feedback well and applies it flawlessly and works well with other freelancers to create successful end results. Heather worked so well with our internal team that we’d sometimes forget she was freelancing. She was flexible, easy to reach and always came to us with solutions. Heather is a true professional and would be the first I would call if I need a seasoned writer.

Jane Flanagan, FreshBooks

Jane Flanagan, FreshBooks

( Content Director )

I have worked with Heather for the last 6 months, using her freelance writing services to cover a broad range of topics for small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs. As a writer, Heather is fast, accurate and exceptionally reliable. She is a clear communicator and always lets us know exactly where assignments are in the creation pipeline. She takes feedback in stride and works hard to meet expectations. One area Heather goes above and beyond is really getting to know her target audience. She has spent time in-person in our office, learning about our business and its customers so that her voice and writing is on brand and a genuinely valuable resource for our readers. I will definitely continue to work with Heather.

Stone Wallace, Lester Communications Inc.

( Editor )

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heather on a number of our publications. Heather is a truly professional and conscientious writer whose ability to both research and compose stories on subjects ranging from Canadian agriculture to American piledriving has consistently met with editorial and association approval. Her work is thorough, correct in format, and she recognizes the importance of supplying supplemental material as well as maintaining a strict adherence to deadlines. Her quality of writing is always of a superior quality, both in style and format. I discovered that with Heather’s submissions, very little editing was required – from content to grammar to punctuation. Working with Heather has definitely been a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Vanessa Rementilla, Digital Marketing

( Creative Director + Strategist )

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heather in various B-to-C campaigns. She is an effective copywriter – able to quickly grasp of the goals of the project and never fails to capture the right tone of voice. Her writing comes with insight and thoughtfulness. Not only is Heather adept at her craft, she’s also a great team player who collaborates well with any multi-disciplinary team.

Cheryl Asselin, RR Donnelly

Cheryl Asselin, RR Donnelly

( Project Manager, Writer/Editor, Team Leader )

Heather has been a major asset on an ongoing copywriting project for a major Canadian retailer. She is always on time (beating deadlines), is open and flexible to whatever is thrown her way, and has a professional demeanor in all scenarios. She responds positively to critical feedback and does her best to implement changes immediately. She recently took on a daunting project with enthusiasm and energy and met all of the client’s high expectations immediately. Heather is a true professional and has an easygoing attitude that makes her flexible and adaptable.

Angela Barber, TC Media

Angela Barber, TC Media

( Design Director, Service Design )

Heather is a highly creative and collaborative writer. I’ve worked with her on several occasions for various types of digital and print projects. She’s nimble, flexible, responsive and effective. I look forward to working with her on future projects!

Jill Harris, Lester Publications, LLC

( Editorial Director )

I have used Heather’s services as a freelance writer countless times and will continue to do so. She is an exceptional writer with the ability to turn around articles in any amount of time that I’ve given. We publish a variety of B2B magazines in various industries, and Heather writes with fluency and knowledge no matter the topic. All of her articles require minimal editing. Heather is one of my favourite freelance writers to turn to, especially when I have a tough assignment that just needs that extra-capable person to handle. I highly recommend her services to anyone.

Catharine Heddle, Lamplighter Communications Inc.

Catharine Heddle, Lamplighter Communications Inc.

( Freelance Communications Advisor )

Heather Hudson is a terrific writer. We have collaborated on several projects and she always shows a keen understanding of the client’s needs. Her writing is clear, bright and captivating. She’s also lightning-fast. When I need a writer, Heather is the first person I call.

Alice Keith, Sonic Boom Creative Media

( Project Manager )

For nearly a year I worked with Heather at Sonic Boom on bringing the new digital engagement strategy for Healthy Canadians [Health Canada] to life through engaging Facebook content. Heather was a creative leader on our team and an absolute star for us. She was 100% reliable, personable, had a “can-do” attitude, was enthusiastic about the work and consistently produced engaging social media content that pushed the envelope. Some qualities that stand out to me were her efficiency (she is able to turn around quality writing very quickly), an easy way with words when writing, a focus on leveraging research where available, and an interest in seeing how the work performed on social (and learning from it). I would highly recommend Heather as a social media copywriter.

Christine Paquet, MSN.ca

Christine Paquet, MSN.ca

( Shopping Merchandiser )

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Heather while working at Microsoft. One of my tasks as the MSN.ca Shopping Merchandiser was to create an editorial calendar. I meet with Heather on a monthly basis to discuss topics that would be informative, relevant and entertaining to the MSN audience. Every month Heather would come up with a ton of fantastic topics. I always had more to choose from than I had budget for. Heather demonstrates professionalism, creativity and always submits her work on time. Her writing skills are the best. She understands the requirements and adapts her writing style to the task at hand. Since leaving Microsoft and starting my nutrition business, I have also worked with Heather, who once again created the perfect copy for my business website. Heather is an absolute delight to work with!