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City Parent magazine

Crawford Canada, ProClaim magazine

More than just science: Forensics in action, Winter 2016

Forensic accounting: Predicting the future, Winter 2016

Ebrand Worldwide

FreshBooks blog and ebooks

Since 2016, I have been writing compelling blog posts and ebooks for an audience of small business owners.


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FreshBooks video scripts

Learning Hub for FreshBooks Fundamentals

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board—The Blackboard employee newspaper


Modern Dog magazine

Poured magazine

All in the Family, Winter 2020

Social Housing Services Corporation

I wrote a number of articles for an internal employee publication. Here’s a small selection:

Taking social innovation to new heights

Tech Services Team Travels the Province to Deliver Zero Cost Engineering Advice


Before Rogers Media pulled the plug on Sweetmama.ca (and its sister sites Sweetspot.ca and Sweetlife.ca), I pitched, researched and wrote hundreds of short and snappy articles for a Mom population on popular trends, products, events and attractions, plus a weekly “5 things to do in Toronto” column. Here’s a small selection:

5 things to do in Toronto

Birthday party guide: Scavenger hunt

Mother’s Day gift guide

Sin vs. sweet: cribs

Sleepover essentials

Snappy secondhand

Top 5 baby monitors


Diversys website copy

Integrated Health Retailer magazine

MSN Bing Shopping Blog

For three years, I brainstormed, pitched and wrote up to 15 lifestyle articles per month like these. Many of them were featured on the MSN.ca home page where they received hundreds of thousands of clicks.

Here’s a small selection:

4 ways to put the magic back in your love life

How to lose 10 pounds in one day

When to save and when to splurge

Is there an age limit on sexy?

Ontario Association for Non-profit Homes and Services for Seniors

Pregnancy magazine

Real estate blog posts

For two years, I wrote monthly blog posts for a Toronto real estate agent. Here’s a small selection:

Bloor West Village profile, February 2008

Living upscale on a low-scale budget, April 2008

Yonge/Eglinton profile, March 2008

Small space solutions, November 2007


The Communicator magazine (Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers)

Industry insight: Agricultural advocates, August 2013

All hands on deck: Attracting talent to ag industry, February 2013

Agriculture more than ever, February 2013

CAAR congratulates Wolf Trax, February 2013

Mind Over Matter: Ag industry rife with stress that must be addressed, April 2013

Big business: Market-based economy is relatively new for Russia, December 2012

Free-market frenzy, September 2012

Adjusting in a new era of the Canadian Wheat Board, September 2012

Meet your directors: Education nation, July 2012

CEO of the farm, April 2012

Surviving and thriving in extreme change, February 2012

Media crisis management, February 2012

Power food: Offering time-tested crop nutrients in innovative ways, December 2011

The dirt on soil: soil health crucial to sustainable farming, July 2011

Member profile: Family business comes full circle, July 2011

Industry insight: Technology key to food shortfall, April 2011

Meet your board chair: Family business owner takes over, April 2011

Breeding better seeds, February 2011

Hot button issues on the table in Quebec, February 2011

Investing in agriculture: Government announcements bring funds to industry, September 2010

All in the family: Dynagra takes home retailer of the year award, April 2010

Industry insight: New regs keep ARA hopping, April 2010

Leaders speak out: Set to deliver straight goods on current challenges, February 2010

Workplace wellness: Simple strategies to promote health, February 2010

In with the new: New products and expanded labels for the 2011 season, December 2010

New technologies: Homegrown testing, July 2010

Meet your directors: Waves of change, July 2010



Career planning: how young is too young to start?
Leveling the playing field of equal opportunity for all students
5 tips to help students with critical transitions in life
How online college and career planning software is like having a (really smart) virtual assistant
5 initiatives to help meet your district college and career readiness requirements
Your guide to never making a bad e-learning purchase decision again
Empower students to take control of long-term planning
The benefit of career explore career options through take-home assignments
Social emotional learning: ensuring students build essential skills and maintain their mental health even if they’re out of the classroom
5 ways EdTech supports senior students through the college application process
How effective is your college and career readiness program?


Beyond Compliance: ESSA, You & the Real College and Career Readiness Challenge 

Case studies

How Maquoketa High School Engaged Students with Future Planning Remotely
How Frisco ISD Transitioned to Virtual Learning & Used Xello to Engage Students
How Chesaning High School is Using Xello Outside the Classroom During Times of Uncertainty
How El Dorado High School Embraced a Future Readiness Program that Made a Big Impact on Students
How Pocahontas School District Implemented Student Success Plans with Ease Using Xello
How Whitehall Middle School Transitioned to a Vibrant E-Learning Solution That Inspires Students to Explore Future Pathways
How Riverview Community School District Switched to an Intuitive Online Program That Empowers Students to Create Successful Futures
How Grand Prairie ISD Seamlessly Switched College and Career Planning Solutions (Without Staggering Growing Pains)